Mike Eleven

Burma Lane

A year after Red Spice Road was painted, the owners got in contact about another venue on the Paris-end of town; Burma Lane.

Burma Lane serves high-quality, casual dishes and was due for some new energy to be injected. Originally, the brief was to just paint the main wall, but after gaining trust from the previous mural at Red Spice Road we pushed the concept beyond aesthetics. They wanted to position themselves as a more down-to-earth dining space that was in touch with the contemporary street culture.

We decided make Burma Lane more culturally relevant by paying homage to the past, whilst acknowledging the need to move forward. The ethos that was born out of this was, "Made in Melbourne. Inspired by Asia." With this in mind, I painted a friend who I think embodies the contemporary Asian-Australian on the main wall and had a portrait of my grandmother on the upper mezzanine level.

This ‘Seasons of Gold’ concept also led to an exhibition of photography that was projected over the mural. Curated by myself, I chose a range of Asian Australian artists and invited them to a panel discussion night we held at Burma Lane.

Burma Lane
Reactivate the restaurant space
& reinvent the brand’s persona

February —
September 2017